Friday, April 10, 2009

Custom Invitations on a Tight Budget

Recently my wife and I were planning a birthday party for a close friend of ours. We had a pretty tight budget, which most of us have right now, so we were trying to be as economical as possible but we wanted everything to look as professional and fun as possible.

When it came time to order invitations, I went to a stationary store at the mall and was shocked at how much it was going to cost to print our invitations not to mention the lack of options they had. I really wanted to put my own special touch and the invitations at the shop were so generic not to mention that this was not what I wanted to spend our entire budget on.

I found a fantastic site for invitations at VistaPrint. One of my main concerns after ditching the mall stationer for an online option was that I didn't want to sacrifice quality for price. After finding the invitations that were available on VistaPrint it was a relief to not have to sacrifice either.

I had ordered from VistaPrint before and had been very happy with the quality and service, but I didn't realize that they also offered custom invitations. They have hundreds of design ideas for every occasion and one of the things I like best about VistaPrint is that you can design and preview your invitation before you place your order so you know exactly how they are going to turn out.

I found the perfect design for our birthday party invitations, used the online customization tools to create the a very funny invitation for our friend party, previewed the design and placed my order with no problems. The price beat the mall stationer by a mile which left us more money left over for the really important things for a friends party. You really cant beat VistaPrint for quality and price, I have always been happy ordering here.

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