Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's The Next Thing You Will Have To Pay Extra For On Your Flight, How About The Toilet

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, that the airlines couldn't possibly dream up anything extra to charge you for, here comes the grand finale. Airline passengers already have to dole out for bags, food, drinks and better treatment so what is next....yes, pay toilets.

Apparently the only thing more full of shit then an airline CEO is the airplane itself and the airlines apparently cant afford to suck it out anymore.

Ryanair Holdings PLC, Europe's biggest discount airline, may charge passengers to use toilets on its planes, adding to fees already imposed for beverages, stowed baggage, airport check-in and preferential boarding.

Ryanair generates about 20% of revenue from so-called ancillary income, the money it makes aside from ticket sales. The Dublin-based company this month introduced technology allowing passengers to use their own mobile phones on aircraft.

"One thing we've looked at in the past and are looking at again is the possibility of maybe putting in a coin slot on the toilet door so that people might actually have to spend a pound to spend a penny in the future," chief executive officer Michael O'Leary said in a televised interview with the British Broadcasting Corp. His comments were confirmed by the carrier.

And Ryanair isn't the only carrier, American Airline announced they were going to start charging for lavatory use on all of its flights.

So on your next flight make sure you have a check list of things to bring with you:

- Your own food...check
- Your own bottled water...check
- Extra change to lay a loaf on your eight hour LA to NY flight...groan...check

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