Sunday, March 8, 2009

Most Delayed Flight in the U.S. for 2008

It shouldn't be a great surprise, the most delayed flights for the end of 2008 was pretty much dominated by regional carriers. Completely staying away from regional airlines is probably your best option, but if you can't do that here are the most delayed flights in the U.S.

SkyWest 4393 ATL SAT
ExpressJet 2396 EWR DTW
American 933 JFK MIA
Comair 6563 EWR ATL
Comair 6475 MKE ATL
Hawaiian 48 HNL OAK
United 651 EWR ORD
Pinnacle 5857 CVG EWR
ExpressJet 2268 EWR BUF
Comair 6706 ALB JFK
Delta 898 ATL EWR
Comair 6940 IAD JFK

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