Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stupid Passenger Of The Day

This is becoming an almost daily occurrence so I am considering naming this entire thread the "Stupid Passenger of the Day" as once a day for the past week someone has been carted off an airplane for doing something amazingly stupid.

Here is today's Airborne Moron Of The Day:

An airline passenger was arrested, authorities said, after he made a bomb threat when flight attendants asked him to close his laptop computer before takeoff.

The man was on board a United Express flight to Washington Saturday afternoon at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Airport spokesman Jeff Lea said that when attendants asked him to close his laptop, "he mentioned a bomb or made a bomb threat."

Police were called, and the man was arrested. The flight was delayed more than two hours while police searched the plane for explosives but nothing was found.

They way you know that it probably wasn't a serious threat is because anyone who has ever flown on a United Express flight knows that real terrorist and people who hate the United States would want to keep this airline flying as punishment to all Americans who have to fly on it.

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