Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No Rest For The Weary

As pilots are falling asleep overshooting small islands like Hawaii and air traffic controllers are dozing off in the Philippines and France causing aircraft to circle until they wake up from their cat naps, the airline industry has weighed in.

The mentally damaged CEO's of the airline industry have collectively decided that the real problem is crew's are getting entirely too much sleep. While the FAA was coming up with ways to make airline safer by mandating more crew rest on flights more then 16 hours, the airline industry has been busy filing suit against the FAA to prevent it.

Seven U.S. airlines have sued the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, claiming the agency broke its own rules and may have compromised flight safety when it set new standards for pilot rest times last year without input from the carriers.

The airlines said in the complaint that they should have had a chance to comment on the rules, which would place yet another financial burden on them.

The FAA in response to the lawsuit stated, "of course we didn't ask the airlines to weigh in, would ask Hannibal Lechter to weigh in on anorexia? " continuing with , "we figured that since the airline industry hasn't come up with a constructive idea in the last ten years, it wasn't going to happen this time either".

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