Monday, January 12, 2009

Latest Group Looking For A Bailout, Small Jet Owners

It's not easy being a millionaire today, they trying to take away their jets and companies don't know how they will get by without them. I have a plan to bail out every multi million if not billion dollar conglomerate in the U.S. with their hands out. Lets get all the middle class together, there aren't many of us left so it shouldn't be too hard, and sell our first born into slavery to ensure banks, CEO's and private jet owners don't have to lower their standard of living.

As if giving banks billions of dollars wasn't a complete waste of time and taxpayer dollars, there is yet another group waiting for a handout at the expense of U.S. citizens, the owners of small jets.

Watching the news over the past three months is maddening enough to make you want to throw things. Bank which have, and continue to, take advantage of it's customers, got billions of dollars and gave average citizens absolutely nothing in return. Bernie stole billions and I will bet my next paycheck he won't do a day in jail. Today I turn on the news and see private jet owners want a $4 billion dollar bailout and I throw up all over my living room.

Nine Washington-area trade groups representing carriers, plane users such as PepsiCo Inc., and manufacturers including Boeing Co. are seeking aid to advance the government’s so-called Next Generation overhaul of air-traffic control technology. They say they want to ensure lawmakers don’t overlook aviation in the $775 billion stimulus plan proposed by President-elect Barack Obama.

“There’s recognition amongst all of us that the only way we’re going to move NextGen is if we’re united,” said Sharon Pinkerton, vice president for government affairs at the Air Transport Association, in an interview. Among the group’s members are Delta Air Lines Inc. and AMR Corp.’s American Airlines.

I would offer the banks and rich people more but all that is left is my first born and by god it's time for him to suffer like the rest of us. Maybe they can put them to work loading baggage for United, at least you will know your suitcase gets there.

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