Friday, January 16, 2009 To Use Trip Advisor In Reviews

I am a big fan of trip advisor and have written hundreds of reviews for hotels over the past couple of years. For those of you who have never visited the Trip Advisor site at, you really should. It is made up of reviews only by travelers who have stayed at the hotel.

When I travel for business to a city I have never been to, the first thing I check before I book a hotel room is Trip Advisor and I always make sure to write reviews for the hotels I stay in. There has never been 1 time where I stayed at a Trip Advisor hotel rated at 4.0 or above that I was dissapointed, it is always very accurate.

It was exicting to hear today that was incorporating Trip Advisor ratings into their web site. The deal is going to make it very easy to tell when booking a hotel what people really think about it and saving a step when making a reservation of having to check both sites.

There are very few websites out there which are truly valuable when your traveling but I highly recommend checking out Trip Advisor when you are, I have included a link on my blog.

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Brendan said...

Reviews on Tripadvisor are not necessairily only by travellers who have stayed at the hotel. Anyone can post reviews, including hotels trying to boost their own rating.

I realized this when we stayed at a hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam. We had chosen the hotel because of the great reviews of it on Tripadvisor. However, the reality did not live up to the promise. We found out why when we noticed the desk staff posting reviews of the hotel on Tripadvisor.

Before trusting reviews I know check the following on the posters profile. Did they join Tripadvisor and post the review on the same date. Did they give top marks for everything. Is that the only hotel they have reviewed. If the answers are yes I ignore the review.