Friday, January 2, 2009

Having A Teen Age Slumber Party, Not In Malaysia Your Not

Here is an important safety tip for co-ed teen groups thinking about sleeping late in Malaysia, make sure you stay 5 star and not at the Red Roof Inn, it could cost you life in prison !

A 17-year-old female and five males in a hotel room were among 56 people detained in an early morning raid conducted by officers from the Islamic Religious Department on several budget hotels in town.

In the raid from 6am to 9am yesterday, the department’s deputy director Ghazali Abdul Aziz said 56 people, between the ages of 15 and 20, were detained.

He said they were held for offences under Section 145 (1) & (2) of Enakmen Pentadbiran Ugama Islam dan Adat Resam Melayu Pahang 1982 (amended 1987) which states that the Islamic police in Malaysia can put you in jail for your natural life for having a slumber party at a budget inn. Good thing they don't have the same ordnance in Las Vegas, they whole city would be in prison.

If found guilty, each of them can be fined not more than RM1,000 or six months’ jail or both, that's a pretty serious slumber party.

Ghazali said starting the raid at 6am was the right time because some had checked into the hotel rooms early in the morning and would sleep until afternoon and only heathens do that.

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