Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Find Awesome WP Themes

I was recently starting a new blog, this one more technical then this one and aimed at professionals in my field. I was really struggling to figure out what platform and template. I needed something very professional with more options then the blog I currently have.

I found a site with outstanding templates for WP featuring WP Remix premium themes. I found exactly what I wanted in a premium wordpress theme after looking through the hundreds they had to offer.

I love how their template makes my blog look so professional with things like smart drop down menus and lots of add ons that you can get and edit your template like colors and widgets. The template can be completely customized in page editor so you can make all the modifications you want without worrying with code.

There are over 50 pages of templates you can choose from, and with all the tools and resources you get from wpremix, its a breeze making your blog look professional and stand out. When you are doing a blog you want your energy to go into the articles you write, not all your time taken up with blog design. Wpremix makes designing the blog you want easy and it will look brilliant.

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