Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dont Drink And Fly In Dallas

Southwest Airlines Co. says it put a pilot on leave after he allegedly showed up at the airport with alcohol on his breath.

A Southwest spokeswoman said Friday that the pilot was replaced before his flight departed Tuesday afternoon from Columbus, Ohio, bound for Orlando, Fla.

The airline declined to name the pilot, an 11-year Southwest veteran, but airport police identified him as David P. Shook, 45, of Plainfield, Ill.

Southwest spokeswoman Beth Harbin said the pilot was stopped at a security checkpoint after two travelers alerted Transportation Security Administration screeners to the possibility he had been drinking.

After being confronted, the pilot called in sick and never reported to the gate for takeoff, Harbin said.

Columbus Regional Airport Authority police officers wrote in their report that Shook fled to a bathroom and changed out of his Southwest jacket and hat. He told officers he had called the airline to report being ill and unable to fly.

Police officer Harry Fisher said Shook told him he had not been drinking that day, "but I partied hard last night at the hotel."

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