Thursday, January 22, 2009

Canada's Too Fat For One Seat Rule Causing Pretty Funny Problems

I am not sure what is more ridiculous, requiring airlines provide two seats for people entirely too large to get on the plane, or putting the airlines in charge of figuring out how to determine it.

The Canadian airlines have come up with a solution which is pretty hysterical. Passengers wanting to claim their second seat for being to fat must get a doctors note filled out on a form developed by the airlines.

Apparently the new rule instructs doctors how to properly measure a person to determine their ass is too big for the seat and it looks like the same way FedEx decides how much to charge you to ship something overnight, complete with diagram.

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA), meanwhile, is complaining that the form asking doctors to measure a patient’s behind “shows a disregard for the use of scarce medical resources.”

I suppose they have a point, making doctors measure someones ass like a baggage attendant measuring your suitcase is pretty demoralizing.

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