Saturday, January 3, 2009

Best Travel Stories For 2008

10) Better Food

A pilot from Northwest Airlines flight was less than pleased with the food which was to be served on the flight. He decided to find some better food, so he left his aeroplane, and then left the airport to find food even though he had a plane to fly. The passengers were left to wait 90 minutes until the pilot came back and when the pilot came back he was fired on the spot for "abandoning his plane".

9) Wait!

A man who was late for his flight call in a bomb threat on the flight he was supposed to take. The delay caused by the search for the bomb grounded the plane long enough for him to get on. Meanwhile, police had traced the call to the cell phone and identified its owner, and pulled the culprit out of the aircraft. The man, who was charged and released, was allowed to board the plane, which departed about a half-hour late.

8) Passenger Removed from Flight for Praying

On a United Airlines flight from New York JFK to San Francisco, a man was removed from the plane because he was praying. The Jewish man refused to be seated, as the plane was about to takeoff, because he was praying. Despite the fact than the Jewish man would be done in 2 minutes, the man's friends explained to flight attendants, he was escorted off the plane by flight personnel.

7) Man Sues Airline Because He Had to Sit in Bathroom

A man is suing an airline for £2 million because, he says, he was forced to spend most of a flight from San Diego to JFK sitting on a toilet. The passenger wanted to get on the flight but was told that there were no seats available. He says a flight attendant offered him her jump seat, which he agreed to. After an hour and a half of flying, he was told the flight attendant wanted the jump seat back and that he would have to hang out in the bathroom.

6) Air traffic controller nodded off

An aeroplane was forced to circle for more than half an hour after an air traffic controller dozed off. The pilot of the cargo plane said he attempted a number of times to contact the controller for permission to land - but got no answer.

He was forced to circle Nice Airport in France until the sleepy controller was woken up by security officials more than 30 minutes later. French air traffic control service DGAC described the case as 'extremely rare' and said the cargo plane 'had never been in difficulty'. An internal investigation has now been set up to find out why the controller fell asleep on the job.

5) A bit wet

4) Engine trouble

A military pilot called for a priority landing because his single-engine jet fighter was malfunctioning. Air Control told the fighter pilot that he was number two, behind a B-52 that had one engine shut down. "Ah," the fighter pilot remarked, "The dreaded seven-engine approach."

3) Air India Can Fire Fat Flight Attendants

A court in India has ruled that Air India has the right to fire flight attendants it considers to be overweight. The court agreed with the airline that overweight staff members posed a safety risk. Air India has also told prospective applicants that they should not have acne or bad teeth.

2) If You Found Marijuana in Your Suitcase at Narita, Let Customs Know

In Tokyo's Narita, a customs officer tried to test whether drug-sniffing dogs could find marijuana. He hid 1/3 of a pound of pot in an unknown mans luggage. The sniffer dogs were unable to find the marijuana, but neither could the customs officer. Customs officials say that it is against regulations to test their dogs by picking a random piece of luggage, as the luggage has to be marked. Customs officials were forced to ask the public to check there luggage for 1/3 of a pound of marijuana.

1) Pictures speak louder than words:

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