Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Ridiculous Airline Lawsuit

I have nothing but loathing in my heart for the majority of U.S. air carriers, but please fellow passengers, don't fall victim to the only group more loathsome then an airline CEO, a personal injury lawyer.

Apparently one of these eels talked a passenger into suing Alaska Airlines for an incident that occurred last month during the snowstorm in Seattle. The vents on the plane were left open while it was being de-iced and fumes got in the plane.

Never mind that all the passengers were fine and flew on to their destination, or the fact that thousands of ground crew people suck in the same fumes for 8 hours a day, everyday, during winter, apparently one woman, with the smell of money in the air and a big fat bottom dwelling attorney fanning the cash fumes her way, has talked her into suing and dreaming up some permanent disabilities from de-ice fumes.

An Alaska Airlines passenger is suing the airline over injuries she says she suffered when deicer fumes entered an aircraft at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Christmas Eve.

Paramedics treated 25 people who were on an Alaska Airlines plane. Deicer fumes made their way onto the plane and irritated the eyes of passengers and the crew.

An attorney for passenger Arianna Morgan says she still feels the effects of that exposure and suffers numbness in her hands and fatigue, particularly when her lawyer is standing on them.

The lawyer says the airline had a duty to ensure ventilation systems were closed during deicing and being a lawyer doesn't understand how they could have made a mistake because everyone knows lawyers are perfect.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in federal court in Seattle after he slithered under the door and oozed the paperwork onto the clerks desk.

All 143 passengers boarded another plane and continued to Burbank, Calif where by the way, they are all just fine.

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