Thursday, December 25, 2008

Travel and Leasure Releases 2008 Worst Airports

T&L magazine recently released its top 10 worst airports list and it probably wont come as a big surprise to anyone, especially those stuck in them during the holidays.

10. Chicago Midway (MDW)
9. Atlanta Hartsfield Airport (ATL)
8. New York's JFK Airport (JFK)
7. San Fransisco (SFO) new to the list this year.
6. Washington Dulles (IAD) also new to the list this year
5. New York's LaGuardia (LGA)
4. Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) you can thank American Airlines for this one
3. Miami (MIA) another newcomer due to American Airlines
2. Newark (EWR)

and number 1......can anyone guess??????? not a big shocker here......

Chicago O'Hare (ORD) is number 1 for the seventh consecutive year !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chicago's O'Hare, which has been compaired to places like Hell, has once again been named the worst airport in the world by yet another publication.

For those of you keeping track, O'Hare is listed as the worlds worst airport in 211 different publications and travel sites.

Consider this a travel tip, if you are flying anywhere in the world, you may want to avoid going through ORD, you might not make it out.

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