Monday, December 15, 2008

Start Planning For A Fun Vacation

We are in the middle of winter and the economy is being everyone down. Want a way to tackle the winter blues and save money, start planning your spring and summer vacation now at the best place for a Jersey Shore beach vacation.

Even though we have moved to the west coast, one of things I am going to miss about the east coast is our summer vacations. During winter is definitely the time I start thinking and planning what to do once the weather warms up, nothing help get you through the winter blahs then something to look forward to.

Morey's Piers is a fantastic place to have a summer vacation with the best water parks in New Jersey and right now you can save big !! They are having a sale between December 19th and January 9th that can save you 40%.

These are hard times right now but don't let the winter and the economy get you down, there is a way to get you through both of these crisis, saving big money at Morey's Piers and having a great vacation to look forward to while the cold wind is blowing. Hurry and check it out, it wont last that long.

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