Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Great Glasses Don't Have To Cost You A Fortune

Every couple of years I look to get a new pair of glasses. My old pair isn't my prescription anymore and sometimes you just want a new look and feel. With today's economy though I was thinking about skipping buying a pair this year until I checked out Zenni Optical.

What I really wanted for Christmas was a new pair of glasses with titanium frames because they are so light, much lighter then the ones I currently have. I was at a local optical store and the prices were outrageous for them. I went searching online and found Zenni Optical. They have an awesome selection of Holiday frames and their prices are outstanding.

I picked out this pair of glasses with titanium frames from way less then I would have ended up paying at my local store. The prices really surprised me and the quality is first rate, you definitely aren't having to sacrifice quality for price.

If you are truly budget conscious they have frames for as low as $8.00. Who couldn't afford to replace their old frames for 8 bucks. Even the newest designs are priced way low. You definitely have to check them out, you won't be disappointed.

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