Monday, December 15, 2008

Delta Does Away With The DC to NY Shuttle

I used to be a regular flier from DC to New York and always enjoyed the Delta Shuttle which offered one class service, more room and great service.

Delta Airline, deciding that way to many people enjoyed the shuttle, decided to discontinue using MD-88's and start stuffing people into regional jets for the hop.

Delta Air Lines next month will begin phasing out a business-travel tradition on one of the nation's most famous air routes by switching to small jets that will seat about half as many passengers each flight.

By March, the Delta Shuttle's 15 daily round-trip flights between New York's LaGuardia and Washington's Reagan National airport will be on 76-seat Embraer jets instead of 148-seat MD-88 jets used now.

Delta will continue to fly MD-88s on the New York-Boston shuttle route. It also offers 15 daily round trips there. The change will leave US Airways as the only airline still flying large jets on the historic New York-Washington "shuttle" route that has catered to political and financial power brokers for nearly 50 years.

Delta, the world's largest carrier following its acquisition of Northwest Airlines, also said Monday it is offering early retirement and early severance programs to reduce its workforce of about 75,000. The reductions are tied to its plan to cut 2009 capacity 6% to 8% in response to weak demand. Delta did not say how many jobs it wants to eliminate.

Delta has been flying the New York-Washington and New York-Boston shuttle routes since acquiring the former Pan Am Shuttle in 1991. Until earlier this year it had done so with all large jets.

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