Saturday, December 27, 2008

Baggage Tracking Software At CLT Goes Heywire

As holiday travelers head back home, some are encountering a glitch in the system that airlines use to track luggage.

The Net Tracer computer network allows airlines to share information about checked baggage. That is crucial to passengers using more than one airline to reach a destination. It is also key to finding bags that get lost.

At Charlotte Douglas International on Friday, passenger Bernadette Casciato almost had her bags go on to New Orleans even though she is spending the weekend in Charlotte.

"US Airways was helpful enough to send somebody to get it off before they took off," she said. "I now have all my Christmas presents so I'm happy."

Information normally put into computers about a passenger's luggage now has to be taken down in long hand. It could take up to 12 hours to restore the system.

Most passengers at the Charlotte airport told NewsChannel 36 reporter Rad Berky that they had no problems.

Debbie Friesland said she was on her way to baggage claim to get her bags for the second time. There had been no problems at her previous stopover. This time, she said, "Let's see." Her bags were there waiting for her.

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