Wednesday, December 24, 2008

At Least You Aren't At O'Hare Airport

While planes were slidding off the taxiways at O'Hare, hundreds of passengers were stranded at the world's worst airport in the world.

One day after hundreds of holiday travelers spent the night at O'Hare International Airport, many continued to be stuck in air travel limbo and were seeking alternate ways out of town to make it home for Christmas.

Meanwhile, more snow fell today, and the National Weather Service said additional snow and ice were possible in the Chicago region. Temperatures will plunge to single digits tonight.

Elsewhere in the country, the Northwest faced more snow and sleet, and more snow and ice spread over the Northeast.

"We're seeing quite a bit of messiness out there," said weather service meteorologist Ed Shimon, who's been at work at the agency's Lincoln, Ill., office for six straight days, a period when the state has seen snow, ice and subzero temperatures. "It's something different every day -- never a dull moment."

More than 100 flights had been called off at O'Hare by this afternoon, and the Federal Aviation Administration reported delays there and at Newark, N.J.

At O'Hare, Ryan Burns and Mike Sullivan arrived at the airport this morning from a month-long vacation in China. After being stuck several days in the Shangai airport they thought things would run much more smoothly on American soil. They were wrong.

After hours of delays, their connecting flight to their hometown of Dayton, Ohio was canceled after the flight crew failed to arrive.

Failing to find another flight, they resigned themselves to a night on a couple of the O'Hare's 500 cots.

"It looked like Hurricane Katrina," Burns said, describing the scene with cots laid out everywhere. "I felt like I was in a shelter, but I didn't get any soup."

After a 4 a.m. wakeup call from a Chicago police officer, Burns and Sullivan resumed their search for a flight to Dayton, but they were unable to confirm a flight until Christmas afternoon and opted to spend tonight with Sullivan's cousins in Chicago.

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