Wednesday, December 17, 2008

American Airline Adds Another Emergency Landing To It's Scorecard

An American Airlines flight with 123 people on board landed safely after asking for an aircraft emergency while on its route to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport due to some sort of de-icing issues. The spokesman for American Airline would have been more specific but they laid off all the mechanics weeks ago.

Tim Wagner, spokesman for American Airlines, says the flight from Newark bound for DFW diverted after a light on the aircraft indicted the anti-icing system was not operating correctly. Because there is potential for icing conditions at DFW, the flight diverted to Austin.

The plane was met with emergency vehicles on the runway, but they were not needed. Fortunately emergency personal don't work for the airlines or they would have been laid off also

"The passengers will be put on flights to DFW, and maintenance will repair the anti-icing system," Wagner said, the very second they can find any. In the meantime American Airlines doesn't see any connection between laying off it's entire maintenance crew and the dramatic raise in emergency landings.....the passengers do....but the airlines doesnt.

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pancho said...

Quality of life seems to be going from bad to worse, especially US carriers. Seems foreign carriers have maintained higher quality of service. I remember the days when flighing had a "glamour" feeling.
What's the future? worse to worser?
"Less developed" countries have better, even pleasurable service, inflight and ground, as well as maintenance, Aeromexico and Mexicana. I also enjoy Iberia, specially business class. And, especially THE DESTINATIONS of each.