Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Airlines Figure Out Secret To On Time Performance

Air carriers in the U.S. have finally figured out the secret to improving the nations airline on-time rate, reduce flights and no customers.

The on time rate in October was the highest in decades thanks to the fact that airlines have reduced flights by 30% and no one is flying anymore. Helped by not having to actually have to fly that much, U.S. air carriers had 86% of their flights on time.

Complaints also dropped. The DOT said it received 627 complaints about airline service from consumers in October, down 42.3 percent from the 1,099 complaints filed in October 2007 and 8.3 percent fewer than the 684 received in September of this year.

Of course not flying anywhere didn't help regional carriers Comair and ASA who still managed to have the worst on time rate, a spot they have held since the pretty much the airlines were founded. Continental was a surprise as it usually has a very good record. American Airlines was at the bottom of legacy carriers on-time rates.

A complete breakdown of the best and worst follows:

Highest On-Time Arrival Rates

1. Pinnacle Airlines – 90.7 percent

2. Northwest Airlines – 90.0 percent

3. Hawaiian Airlines – 89.9 percent

Lowest On-Time Arrival Rates

1. Atlantic Southeast Airlines – 80.3 percent

2. Mesa Airlines – 80.5 percent

3. Continental Airlines – 81.4 percent

Most Frequently Delayed Flights

1. ExpressJet Airlines flight 2396 from Newark, NJ to Detroit – late 85.19 percent of the time

2. American Airlines flight 933 from New York JFK to Miami – late 80.65 percent of the time

3. SkyWest Airlines flight 5727 from Portland, OR to North Bend, OR – late 80.00 percent of the time

(There were only three flights in October that were late 80 percent of the time or more)

Flights with Longest Tarmac Delays

1. ExpressJet Airlines flight 2356 from Birmingham, AL to Houston, 10/15/08 – delayed on tarmac 308 minutes

2. Alaska Airlines flight 75 from Seattle to Juneau, AK, 10/23/08 – delayed on tarmac 269 minutes

2. ExpressJet Airlines flight 2406 from Dallas Love Field to Houston, 10/22/08 – delayed on tarmac 269 minutes

3. ExpressJet Airlines flight 2497 from Houston to Wichita, KS, 10/15/08 – delayed on tarmac 256 minutes

4. ExpressJet Airlines flight 2335 from Kansas City, MO to Houston, 10/22/08 – delayed on tarmac 249 minutes

6. ExpressJet Airlines flight 2207 from Wichita, KS to Houston, 10/15/08 – delayed on tarmac 244 minutes

Highest Rates of Canceled Flights

1. Mesa Airlines – 1.1 percent

2. American Eagle Airlines – 0.8 percent

3. Alaska Airlines – 0.8 percent

Lowest Rates of Canceled Flights

1. Northwest Airlines – 0.2 percent

2. Frontier Airlines – 0.2 percent

3. Continental Airlines – 0.3 percent

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