Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Airline Secret Policy Can Save You Money

Traditionally if you bought an airline ticket far in advance of your trip, you got the best deal. But times have changed and fares bounce up and down.

A secret the airlines don't want you to know is how to get your money back after you buy a ticket for one price - only to find it advertised cheaper later on.

Its called a "rollover" policy and it's a word airlines don't want you to know.

"It's always been available but consumers don't even know about it," said Phyllis Dorfman, the owner of Rainbow Travel.

The policy allows you to ask for credit or money back after you buy a ticket and then the airfare goes down on the same flight.

Airlines make if difficult to take advantage of the policy but travel agents can help.

"The airlines make the consumer believe, once you buy that non-refundable ticket, that is it -- it's not refundable," said Dorfman.

Also there is a new web site Yapta that helps you track air fares and helps you get refunds. The cost through Yapta is about $15, but some travel agents will provide the service to their clients free of charge.

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