Saturday, November 8, 2008

US Air Carrier Performance Increases in September

The air carriers in the United States have figured out how to improve on time performance, drive your customers away so fewer people are flying.

On time performance increased in September for U.S. Carriers to 84.9%, up almost 10% since August. Of course the number of passengers willing to put with U.S. carriers dropped about 20% in the past six months. Airlines doing their absolute best to make air travel as miserable as it possibly can be have succeeded in proving you can run a more efficient airline if you can just do away with the passengers.

It appears to be working well, for everyone except Comair and Mesa who continually prove they can be the most miserable, poorly run airlines no matter what the economic climate is. Both the regional carriers are on the bottom of on-time performance, no big suprise there, they have been there since airline deregulation in the 70s.

The big disappointment for this month was Continental Airlines which had the highest cancellation rate of any airlines. Here are this months stats:


84.9 percent on-time arrivals

Highest On-Time Arrival Rates

1. Hawaiian Airlines – 95.1 percent

2. Frontier Airlines – 91.4 percent

3. Pinnacle Airlines – 90.6 percent

Lowest On-Time Arrival Rates

1. Comair – 77.4 percent

2. Mesa Airlines – 78.1 percent

3. United Airlines – 79.8 percent

Most Frequently Delayed Flights

1. American Airlines flight 1267 from Miami to San Juan, PR – late 86.67 percent of the time

2. Comair flight 6273 from Cleveland to Atlanta – late 82.76 percent of the time

(There were only two flights in this category in September)

Highest Rates of Canceled Flights

1. Continental Airlines – 6.1 percent

2. ExpressJet Airlines – 5.9 percent

3. American Eagle Airlines – 2.5 percent

Lowest Rates of Canceled Flights

1. Hawaiian Airlines – 0.2 percent

2. Frontier Airlines – 0.4 percent

3. Northwest Airlines – 0.5 percent

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