Thursday, November 27, 2008

Delta Airlines Whines About Continental Alliance With United

Delta Airlines, which is now the largest airlines in the U.S. after it's merger with Northwest, started off it's new business model by throwing a temper tantrum over Continental Airlines plan to join the Star Alliance.

Delta, which has always been a little jealous of Continental and it's ability to actually provide customer service, took it's toys and went crying to the Justice Department this week as Continental filed a request for antitrust approval on its alliance stating it would be unfair to them, the largest airline in the U.S.

For those of you looking for an interpretation of what Delta was talking about, they are the worlds largest airline and even then people would rather fly Continental Airline, a constant winner of customer service awards, then fly on Delta. Delta claims it would be unfair because they would actually have to start providing customer service to lure people back which they are incapable of.

Continental is seeking immunity from antitrust rules so it can partner with United and Lufthansa on transatlantic flights, and eventually on trips to Latin America and Asia. Without clearance from the Department of Transportation, Continental would be breaking U.S. laws that forbid airlines from sharing information on schedules, costs or the prices they plan to charge.

Delta is complaining that Continental's application would allow unfair dominance on routes to Brazil and China, where Continental and its partners are already strong players and that they are entirely too stupid to come up with a business plan that would allow them to compete.

Delta has sought and won similar clearances in the past. In May, the Transportation Department granted Delta similar immunity with European airline partners on transatlantic routes. Delta last month also won U.S. government approval for its merger with Northwest Airlines, a deal that created the largest airline in the world.

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