Saturday, November 22, 2008

America's Best and Worst Airlines for 2008

For some airlines, the departure and arrival times listed on your ticket are more of a ballpark figure than an actual departure or arrival time. And travelers have been spending huge amounts of time just waiting -- waiting for your bags to be checked, waiting for your flight to depart, waiting for your plane to get to an open gate....

With their December issue, Travel + Leisure Magazine has put together a list of the best and worst airlines for delays. They say list has seen some changes since the 2007 edition. Some individual airlines have put into place incentives for employees to check that things are moving smoothly. And the entire industry is working on improving on-time performance.

Here are Travel + Leisure's best and worst airlines in terms of delays for 2008:

America's Best Airlines 2008
#1 Hawaiian
#2 Southwest
#3 US Airways
#5 (tie) Frontier
#5 (tie) Skywest

America's Worst Airlines 2008
#1 American
#2 United
#3 Comair
#4 American Eagle
#5 Atlantic Southeast

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