Monday, October 27, 2008

Phoenix Arizona Hotels Hit Hardest By Recession

The slow economy is hitting Valley hotels, but is also bringing good deals for travelers.

Phoenix area hotels recently posted the lowest occupancy levels of the top 25 markets, according to a travel survey.

Plus the city is tied for the most new hotel rooms anywhere in the country.

These factors coupled with the bad economy mean hotel managers are scrambling for ways to entice reluctant travelers through the end of the year.

At the newly opened W Hotel in Scottsdale, they're already offering deals.

Pay for one night and get the next night for half off.

The Camelback Inn in Scottsdale is offering spa and dinner deals.

Weekend rates at the Point Hilton Hotel are at $99 a night.

Visitors spend some 10 billion dollars a year in the Phoenix area and most of it comes from vacations and meetings during the winter months.

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