Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lawyer To Sue Qantas Airline Over Turbulance

Before you think that fat assed, over indulged personal injury lawyers only exist in the U.S., one has popped his big fat head out down under to sue Qantas Airlines for turbulence.

Qantas Airlines could face lawsuits from passengers injured in an in-flight incident in which an airliner suddenly lost altitude, an Australian attorney says. The attorney has made that assumption because as everyone know, Qantas has omnipotent control over the atmosphere and ...oh

Airline officials said 46 passengers were hurt, 20 seriously, Tuesday when a Qantas flight from Singapore to Perth, Australia, plunged without warning. A lawyer says those passengers could win legal damages in addition to the ticket refunds and medical expense help offered by the airline, The Australian Broadcasting Company reported.

"If there's been any aberration in the normal functioning of the aircraft that has caused this and people have been injured as a result that would fall, on any common sense analysis, within the normal definition of the (law)," attorney Phil Gleeson told the broadcaster.

Seven passengers remained hospitalized Wednesday were being treated at the Royal Perth, Sir Charles Gardiner and Fremantle hospitals for such injuries as cuts, fractures and spinal damage, ABC said.

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