Monday, October 27, 2008

Continental and US Airway To Downsize Carry On Bags

With many airlines charging to check bags, some customers are opting to go with only carry-on luggage. But with the holiday season approaching and carry-on space at a premium, airlines are cracking down on the size of those carry-ons.

Government regulations state that the length plus width plus depth — known as the dimensional size — of a carry-on bag cannot total more than 45 inches. But in its displays, United Airlines says it wants bags to be smaller than that. Frontier Airlines also asks for smaller bags.

Continental Airlines and US Airways previously allowed 51 dimensional inches in their overhead bins but have replaced that size in favor of the Federal Aviation Administration's 45 dimensional inches.

The airlines say they're simply following FAA rules that got a little bent along the way when overhead space wasn't so crucial.

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