Tuesday, October 28, 2008

American Airlines Cuts Frequent Flyer Milage Benefit

Airline passenger traffic is slowing down, airlines are going broke from fuel costs and fewer passengers, services are being cut and customer satisfaction is at an all time low....your the CEO of American Airlines....what do you do?

Well....being a half wit, you think to yourself "this is a great time to cut frequent flier benefits". Yes ladies and gentlemen, the CEO of American Airlines, showing all the business savvy of a fourth grader, decided the best thing he could do is piss off what remaining customers he has by cutting their frequent flier benefits.

U.S. carrier American Airlines said it would cut back on its frequent flier awards program in an effort to cut costs, a spokeswoman said.

The previous policy of granting a minimum of 500 miles to customers on short flights would be shifted to a system awarding only the amount of miles flown, the Fort Worth, Texas, Star-Telegram reported Tuesday.

"This was in response to market conditions," said Marcy Letourneau, a spokeswoman. "We're trying to implement some cost-cutting tools."

By awarding fliers only for actual miles flown, a standard round trip hop from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport to Austin would credit passengers with 366 miles, rather than the previous 1,000-mile credit they formerly received, the newspaper said.

"There is no question that the value of a frequent-flier mile is no longer what it was," said Tim Winship, the editor of FrequentFlier.com.

"That dream vacation may not come from your frequent-flier miles," he said.

With jobs being cut everyday, you might find yourself out of work. If you are looking for a new job, say maybe CEO of an American air carrier, you might qualify. Clearly the qualifications seems to be a lobotomy and lack of any business sense at all. Come to think of it, that would qualify you for CEO of a financial institution in the US as well.

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