Thursday, October 9, 2008

American Airline Flight Attendants To Picket

Today in the news, American Airline's flight attendance plan to picket to protest poor working conditions. Since their work area is the place that 300 of us poor travelers have to sit in I can certainly understand their problem, although they should try having to sit in economy.

American Airlines flight attendants will protest poor working conditions by picketing at four airports on Friday, according to union officials.

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants said Wednesday that members face increasing challenges dealing with reduced flight schedules, crowded planes and collecting charges for food and beverages.

The union, which is seeking pay raises from labor negotiations with American, said attendants will picket at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, New York's LaGuardia Airport and Miami International Airport.

The flight attendants didn't know how they were going to handle the change of pace of actually lifting something over their head during the day but they said they were willing to give a try just once.

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