Saturday, October 11, 2008

Airline Passengers Hate A La Carte Pricing

This really shouldn't be much of a shocker, but a recent pole of airline passengers about airline carriers recent unbundeling of charges, or a la carte pricing, the majority hate it.

American Airlines recently announced that beginning in 2009, it would imitate the a la carte pricing plan of Air Canada by offering a basic fare and allowing travelers to select additional services for extra fees.

But when we asked readers what they thought of the "unbundling" of airline services, many were displeased. "This is absolutely ridiculous! Next they will charge us for oxygen on the airplane," wrote dcarey.

Some worry this is only the beginning of additional fees. "I will not be surprised if airlines begin selling magazines, or charging $20 for carry-on baggage, $5 to use the overhead bin, or $2 per restroom visit, and a few bucks for post-flight trash disposal and interior cleaning fee — regardless of whether you fly coach, business, or first class," said km-452746.

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