Friday, September 12, 2008

What is Worrying American Airline Flight Attendants

American Airline flight attendants are worried !!! Are they worried about the poor service they give, are they worried about how the airline has cut pretty much all amenities to it's, if you guessed American Airline flight attendants were worried about anything service related you were wrong.

What has American Airline flight attendants worried is that passengers will surf for porn on the planes new wifi system which has yet to be installed on any of their planes. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the flight attendants at American Airlines have decided to focus their worries on your non-existent web surfing habits while you enjoying your virtual drink and receiving your virtual service from you marginally socially retarded flight crew.

Association of Professional Flight Attendants, which represents 19,000 American Airlines flight attendants, has talked with management about installing filtering software to keep inappropriate Web content grounded, union spokesman David Roscow said Wednesday.

"Some passengers and some of the flight attendants have had some concerns about them going to inappropriate sites like porn sites," he said, although he was unaware of any actual incidents.

So if you were wondering what American Airlines and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants does in it's spare time when it's not providing you any service or loosing your dead wife, its worrying about the web page you are looking at while you are stuck on the tarmac at JFK for 6 hours because another American Airline plane almost fell out of the sky.

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