Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Passengers Revolt to Get New Plane For Flight

Passengers worried by two failed attempts at take-off drafted a petition and forced Germany's second-biggest airline to use a different jet for their flight, Air Berlin confirmed Monday.

About 170 passengers were booked on the Sunday, Sept. 14, morning trip from Nuremberg in southern Germany to Faro, Portugal.

The pilot's electronic display in the near-new Boeing 737-800 jet had falsely reported a problem with a wing flap, and that there had been no danger to occupants, an Air Berlin spokeswoman said.

The pilot took the loaded plane out to the runway twice but abandoned take-off because of the indicator.

The flight eventually took off 15 hours late in another jet after passengers revolted, refusing to board the jet again, and rounded up signatures demanding a change of plane. They reached Faro without incident.

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Nomadic Matt said...

good for them! rock on!