Friday, September 26, 2008

My Bank Goes Bankrupt

A little break from travel related news to spread some of my love to the U.S. banking system, which I have the utmost disdain for.

Before moving to the west coast I had to change banks because the one I used on the east coast wasn't here. Well I first tried Bank of America, but anyone who reads my blog and the post entitled "Bank of America Sucks" knows how that one ended.

After my Bank of America fiasco I went with WaMu. The black cloud of banks follows me around, I have to absolute worst luck with banks no matter where I am. Personally I am convinced every bank in the country sucks but I keep trying.

Anyhow, after switching to WaMu I turn on the news and of course my bank is now bankrupt, closed down by the U.S. Government. Fortunately after some bad experiences with WaMu over the past couple of weeks I switched to Wells Fargo and moved my direct deposit to that bank. Hopefully Wells Fargo will work out.

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Dee said...

Don't worry Andy! They said that depositor's has nothing to worry about... ;) Just can't blame you though. I called my hubby who is in Texas for business trip earlier and informed him about it - he freaked out!!! Who wouldn't worry for their hard earned money nowadays...zzzzz..I hope the democrats can make a change!