Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If Your Looking To File Suit Against The Airline

If your looking to file suit against your airline for, well, getting punched in the head during your flight, a court in Australia has ruled that it's your destination that has jurisdiction in your case.

Ahmed Bader Eddin Fattouh, allegedly punched in the head during an air-rage incident, yesterday lost his bid to sue the airline, Gulf Air, in the NSW District Court.

The key issue was whether the court had jurisdiction to hear his case -- and that depended on whether Sydney or Beirut was his final destination.

Mr Fattouh was seeking damages for injuries suffered when he was allegedly punched in the head by a fellow passenger in February 2005. He was flying from Beirut to Sydney to visit his son when the altercation took place in an aisle.

Last year, Gulf Air sought to have the case thrown out, arguing the District Court did not have jurisdiction to determine the claim. When the judge refused, they took their argument to the Court of Appeal

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