Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Continental Loosing 300 + Pilots

In an effort to save on fuel, Continental Airlines decided it's pilots weighed too much so its getting rid of 363 of them.

Continental Airlines Inc., reducing its workforce to help counter high fuel costs, will lose 363 pilots, or 7.3 percent, through layoffs, early retirements and leaves, the Air Line Pilots Association said Tuesday.

Continental, the fourth-largest U.S. carrier, will furlough 148 pilots starting Tuesday, 151 will retire early and 64 will accept leaves, said Amy Flanagan, a union spokeswoman. An additional 136 jobs were saved when pilots at the carrier agreed to fly fewer hours each month.

The pilot furloughs complete job cuts in all employee groups at Continental to trim operating costs and stem losses from jet-fuel prices that reached a record $4.36 a gallon July 3. The airline last month said 2,800 hourly employees, managers and clerks had agreed to leaves or retirement, negating the need for involuntary layoffs in other groups.

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