Thursday, September 4, 2008

Airline Statistics for July 2008, They Got a Little Better

The Department of Transportation released the airline statistics for July 2008 and U.S. carriers did manage to do a bit of a better job in July then the previous month, but that is setting the bar pretty low.

For on-time performance here are the big winners and losers for July 2008:


75.7 percent on-time arrivals

Highest On-Time Arrival Rates

1. Pinnacle Airlines – 85.6 percent

2. Hawaiian Airlines – 83.6 percent

3. Southwest Airlines – 83.1 percent

Lowest On-Time Arrival Rates

1. Comair – 63.3 percent

2. JetBlue Airways – 64.6 percent

3. United Airlines – 68.2 percent

Somebody needs to seriously put Comair out of it's misery, anyone who would take a flight with them has to be half crazy.

Highest Rates of Canceled Flights

1. Comair – 4.5 percent

2. United Airlines – 3.2 percent

3. JetBlue Airways – 3.2 percent

Lowest Rates of Canceled Flights

1. Frontier Airlines – 0.2 percent

2. Northwest Airlines – 0.6 percent

3. Southwest Airlines – 0.6 percent

As for who is going to be loosing your luggage in July the top three airlines that you have the best chance of arriving with your things are:

1. Airtran
2. Northwest
3. Jet Blue

And for the bottom airlines where if you check your suitcase you have a 1 in 10 shot of it not making the trip with you is:

17. Comair
18. Mesa (United and U.S. Air regional carrier)
19. American Eagle that managed to lose 13,522 bags in July or 10% of all their checked luggage.

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