Friday, August 1, 2008

US House of Reps to Ban Cellphones on Planes Permanently

Opponents of allowing cellphones to be used in-flight, take heart. The Associated Press writes: "Cellphone calls on airplanes in flight are not only unsafe, they're obnoxious and they should be permanently banned, according to some members of Congress. House members, most of whom board airplanes almost every week, traded horror stories Thursday about their worst experiences with annoying fellow passengers who talk loudly on cell phones before takeoff and after landing. One lawmaker said his wife sat next to a woman who loudly discussed her sex life on the phone."

So, what do our lawmakers plan to do regarding the subject? AP says "the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved by voice vote a bill that would make the current Federal Aviation Administration and Federal Communication Commission ban on cell phone use during flight permanent." But, at least one prominent legislator has come out against the bill. "You are trying to legislate courtesy, folks, and that just doesn't work," says Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., who also happens to be the committee's chairman. "If we're going to start banning cell phones I think there are a number of other things ... iPods and dirty diapers would be on my wishlist," Mica is quoted as saying by Congressional Quarterly.

I have to say that as a frequent traveler, about the only thing I look forward to on an airplane is a little peace and quiet so I can read a book, take a nap or listen to my ipod. I can't think of anything worse then someone blabbing on the phone 5 hours across the Atlantic. It's bad enough in the airport when people are yelling on their phones like they are in their living room but as bad as airline travel is now, letting people on their phones during a flight is enough to push anyone over the edge.

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Nomadic Matt said...

i think they are annoying but i hate how people think they are unsafe. no evidence has ever shown that a cellphone call will take down the plane!!!