Thursday, August 21, 2008

U.S. Airlines Want to Hold Off on New Drug Testing

The Airlines Trade Group, the Air Transportation Association, the very organization that lobbied against passenger rights legislation, also would like to delay new drug testing requirements for U.S. carriers.

Stretching for a really good excuse, the settled for this one.

U.S. airlines want to delay implementation of a new rule forcing them to observe urine collections for employee drug tests, saying employers need time to hire and train more workers.

Airlines need more test-sample collectors who are the same gender as test takers, the carriers said through their two Washington trade groups. Currently, most employees tested are men while the majority of those who collect the samples are women, the groups said.

Coming just a few days after American Airlines was fined $7 million dollars for among other things, failing to properly drug test their employees, I can certainly see how the U.S. airlines and the trade groups wants deep six the latest drug testing rules that would ensure that your pilot isn't circling the airport before the plane is.

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