Sunday, August 3, 2008

United Pilots Are Under Control for Now

United's airline pilots union, who appears to be hell bent on doing two thing, spending all their time figuring out ways not to fly while simultaneously running their own airline into bankruptcy, has stopped deliberately cancelling flights through their kingardensih work slowdown.

CHICAGO — United Air Lines said Friday it has reached an agreement with the pilot's union to limit what the company calls work slowdowns that forced cancellation of hundreds of flights and cost millions of dollars.

Neither the airline nor the union disclosed specifics of the agreement, which was worked out behind closed doors and is to be in effect pending Aug. 27-28 hearings on a federal lawsuit seeking a preliminary injunction.

"We have reached an agreement but it is between the parties,” United spokeswoman Megan McCarthy said.

One thing that pilots and really the majority of all airline employees need to remember is that the millions of people you piss off every year are the ones you are going to be coming to for a job when your airline goes out of business.

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