Thursday, August 28, 2008

United Laying Off 10% of It's Flight Attendants

The well oiled machine of United Airlines decided the best thing they could to improve their airlines was to lay off 10% of it's flight attendants. That should set the stage for really impressive customer service for it's passengers.

Now not only will you have 10% less airline crews assisting you during your flight or more likely non-flight, but you just know the other 90% are going to be in a great mood going forward, watching their brethren being marched out the door.

United is seeking 7,000 job reductions companywide by the end of 2009, said spokesman Jeff Kovick. United has previously announced plans to cut as many as 1,600 managers and 5,500 front-line workers, and to furlough 950 pilots.

United said it would seek voluntary flight attendant furloughs first, but will need to get to a total of 1,550 by Oct. 31.

I suppose since United has cut serving food and beverages to economy and business class passengers, they figure flight crews are just redundant corporate overhead. At any point, if you are flying over the next couple of months you can look forward to the previously marginally helpful flight attendants being even more cranky and unhelpful.

This following the trend where passenger will be expected to take over more and more of the airline employees responsibilities for the privilege of flying. Coming soon, checking in your own bag, carrying it to the plane and throwing it in the cargo hold yourself before you board.

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