Thursday, August 21, 2008

United Airlines Fined $18,000 For Accident in Jackson Hole WY

In response to a United Jet skidding off the runway in Jackson Hole WY, the FAA is fining the airline $18,000 for maintenance violations that led to the crash.

After being caught in bed with Airlines, the FAA has turned up the heat on airlines to do crazy things like fix their planes. This is the latest in a series of fines that were discovered by inspectors once they actually started inspecting something.

The U.S. flight agency is proposing an US$18,000 civil penalty against United Airlines for two maintenance violations it said occurred before a United jet skidded off a runway and ended up in three feet of snow in February.

The Federal Aviation Administration disclosed the fine on Thursday after The Associated Press asked about violations cited in FAA documents.

The FAA said it notified United of the proposed penalty on Friday.

A Feb. 25 flight with 125 people aboard slid off the runway after landing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

No one was seriously hurt.

The National Transportation Safety Board said in March that the A320 at Jackson Hole and another United A320 that also skidded off a runway had crossed wiring in their main landing gear.

It is believed that caused the wheels to lock.

United Airlines said that if they are forced to pay the $18,000 fine they would have to stop giving passengers water for 3.2 decades to break even on the charge

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ohiochic said...

I was on this flight. Terrifying experience. Ge plain began to slide sideways. Sort of spinning before stopping hard in a snow bank. It was very surreal experience that became more frightening we noticed flames coming from one of the engines.