Tuesday, August 19, 2008

United Airlines and Westin Hotels Join to Create Heavenly Air Experiance

They might be charging you extra for everything, but business and first class passengers on United p.s. flights to San Francisco, Los Angeles and JFK will be receiving a new "heavenly" experience inspired by the Westin Hotel brand.

Yes, while you wait for your most certainly delayed plane in one of the worlds worst airports, JFK, United Red Carpet Club members will be treated to the new Westin Renewal Lounge. The San Francisco lounge is equipped with a revolutionary blue-light ActiViva lamp -- not yet available for purchase in the United States -- which provides phototherapy and directly affects the way people feel by making them more alert, awake and energized. Created by the Westin design team and outfitted with plush furniture, fabrics and the brand's nature-inspired color palette, each Renewal Lounge features a signature LED candle wall and artwork typical of the Westin soothing aesthetic. While much of the furniture found in the Westin Renewal Lounges mirrors the offerings at Westin properties, the company's designers also created two pieces of custom furniture specifically for the United lounges: an upholstered ottoman with a built-in table (for displaying custom botanicals or books) and a day bed for resting. The Westin signature White Tea scent is diffused throughout the Renewal Lounges, while LCD televisions play custom Blue Marvel videos that feature inspiring footage of the natural world.

Once your finally able to board your flight for the west coast, business and first class p.s. fliers will enjoy custom oversized Heavenly blankets and pillows inspired by the Westin iconic Heavenly Bed. Travelers will also be treated to refreshing White Tea scented towelettes and mints, and custom video and music on United's personal media players. Through a partnership with award-winning video production company Blue Marvel, Westin Hotels has created signature video content featuring stunning, soothing nature scenes from across the world; meanwhile, music selections from the brand's customized playlists include songs featured in Westin lobbies worldwide.

The new partnership theme is only available on United p.s. flights from JFK, Los Angeles or San Francisco and it is the hope of United Airlines that the new soothing experience will help decrease the stress of passengers created by the flight attendants, service personnel and the airport.

United is also hoping the new schema in Red Carpet Clubs and the planes will also soothe the flight crew thus coaxing them into a more relaxed state causing them to actually be pleasant to passengers during the flight.

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