Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Southwest Says it Won't Pay Fine From FAA

Don't you wish you could decide not to pay a fine from the government, well that is what Southwest Airlines has said.

Southwest Airlines says it won't pay a record $10.2 million fine by Friday, the deadline set by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA levied the fine against the Dallas-based airline in March because it said Southwest continued to fly dozens of Boeing 737s that hadn't been inspected for cracks in their fuselages.

Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Whitney Eichinger tonight says, quote, "Our hope continues to be that we will resolve the matter amicably with the FAA, however long that takes."

FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown tells The Associated Press tonight that the FAA is continuing talks with Southwest. She declined further comment.

The FAA set the deadline in an August 12th letter, warning that it would refer Southwest's case to the U.S. attorney's office if the fine isn't paid.

I mean what is the big deal with a few cracks in airplanes, they spent good money paying off FAA inspectors not to enforce inspection rules so why should they have to pay more, doesn't anyone respect a bribe anymore?

Having to pay a fine of course means cuts elsewhere, because what good is loosing money if you can't punish your customers. Yesterday Southwest announced that it would be cutting 200 flights over the winter. The good news of course is that means there are 200 less planes to have cracks in them.

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