Monday, August 18, 2008

Some Airlines Cutting Fares as Demand Drops

Some U.S. airlines are slashing fares as the busy summer travel season draws to a close.

The carriers had increased fares because of skyrocketing fuel costs but the combination of cheaper oil and a steep fall in demand is sending prices in the other direction, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.

"It's a good time to fly if you want to put up with the grief," said Joe Brancatelli, who advises business travelers on

Virgin America and AirTran have offered one-way tickets between New York and Los Angeles priced at $139. Passengers may be able to fly between the San Francisco area and Southern California for $49 on Southwest and JetBlue.

Carriers are still paying far more for fuel than they were a year ago. But Brancatelli said they are desperate to fill all their seats.

Some airlines have begun offering discounted fares on international routes.

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