Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Holiday Inn Changing It's Image

Holiday Inn is in the middle of an extensive "rebranding" of it's hotels and image. The Holiday Inn chain is one of the oldest in America and hasn't gone through a major change in its look in some time.

Some of the changes that are being made include:

Redesigned Brand Signage
An evolution of the iconic script logo, energizing the signature color green and eliminating the current shield shape for a more refreshed and contemporary look.

Refreshed Guest Room
New bedding that redefines the look and feel of each guest room with fresh, white triple-sheeting and pillows that come in two comfort levels: “soft” and “firm.” An enhanced bathroom that features an improved showerhead offering superior pressure, as well as a signature shower curtain with curved rod and new amenities to deliver a consistent bath experience that feels fresh and contemporary.

Warm Welcome
A new signature arrival – including new lighting, landscaping and design features – that creates an energized and branded sense of welcome that is universally recognizable. Customized music and scent selections also engage guests in a complete sensory experience, and a decluttered front desk to promote a more efficient and interactive check-in process.

New Service Promise
A best-in-class service culture – “Stay Real” – to further ensure the team develops the behaviors and skills to best serve guests so they feel like individuals and not numbers. Genuine people delivering real service. Leading the charge, will be a newly created position at each hotel – the Guest Experience Champion.

The Holiday Inn in Chelsea was one of the first to undergo the brand change. In the lobby of the hotel features hardwood floors, river rocks and Japanese plants.

The contemporary design is meant to appeal to its Baby Boomer customer base, as well as younger travelers who might pick one of the stylish, midprice hotel brands recently launched, such as Aloft, Element or Hyatt Place.

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Nomadic Matt said...

they should include free wifi....i'd stay there all the time!!

ps- Sorry I have been MIA. Traveling didn't give me enough time to check blogs!!!! I'm back now though!!!

Andrew said...

I always settle for reimbursable prob, one of the biproducts of travel blogs is that you have to travel