Friday, August 15, 2008

Even Presidential Candidate's Planes Make Emergency Landings

A chartered plane carrying Democratic presidential candidate Barack
Obama made a precautionary landing at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport
this morning after the pilot reported a flight-control problem.

The Midwest Airlines MD-80 had taken off from Chicago’s Midway Airport and was
en route to Charlotte, N.C., where Sen. Obama, D-Ill., is scheduled to take
part in a town hall meeting. Some time after takeoff, the pilot reported "a
little stiffness in the controls" and diverted to St. Louis as a precaution,
said Midwest spokesman Mike Brophy.

"There was never a loss of control," Brophy said.

The Associated Press reported that the plane experienced a problem maintaining
the proper pitch, or control over keeping the nose at the proper angle, as it
was taking off from Chicago.

The plane landed without incident at 9:51 a.m. and was being examined at
Signature Flight Support, which provides business aviation services at Lambert.
No emergency was declared, said Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman
Elizabeth Isham Cory. Emergency crews were standing by when the plane landed.

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