Thursday, August 28, 2008

Compensation Raises for Bumped Airline Passengers

Passengers on U.S. carriers who are involuntarily bumped from their flight are now eligible for more compensation thanks to the Department of Transportation. The U.S. government, who has been unable to pass a passenger bill of rights for the past 10 years, thankful has come to the rescue of passengers victimized by U.S. carriers incapable of booking the right number of passengers on flights.

Travelers can now get $400 if they are involuntarily bumped within two to four hours and $800 if you have to wait longer for another flight.

The Department of Transportation is hoping the new compensation will encourage airlines to improve on the overbooking procedures. Anyone thinking about holding their breath might want to rethink that, short of exiling every airlines CEO to a desert island for incompetence I don't think it's going to change anything but at least you get a few more dollars in your pocket.

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