Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brittish Airways and Iberia Might Want to Rethink The Wedding with American Airlines

Like finding out you just married a crack whore, British Airways and Iberia might be rethinking their blissful union with a trouble plagued American Airlines which has been characterized as "an magnificent air disaster just waiting to happen".

This weeks recent findings that American Airlines allowed planes to fly without, among other things, a functioning auto pilot, radio altimeter, inspected hydraulic lines, emergency pathway lighting and of course sober pilots, flight crews and maintenance workers, has given the Brits and Spaniards a bit of wedding day cold feet.

This is just the latest round of revelations regarding American Airline to surface. After an amazing streak of emergency landings that followed the grounding of their entire MD-80 fleet for failure to meet FAA inspection guidelines, American Airlines executives said the recent $7 million dollar fine was excessive". This was of course said by the American Airline spokesmen just after he got done huffing a few gallons of Glitton flat white house primer paint before his random drug testing.

It is possible that British Airlines and Iberia might find the maintenance and drug testing policies in place by American, which there seems to be none, incompatible with their current business model of making sure planes don't plummet to the ground from failed equipment and a crew high on Peruvian flake.

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Nomadic Matt said...

Remind me not to fly american...ever again!