Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bank of America Sucks !!!!

Ok everyone I realize that this isn't travel related although I do have to find a new bank because we are relocating to the west coast so in a way it is. I am going to take the liberty to take a break from travel posts and take some editorial freedom to let you all know my experience with Bank of America.

Just as the headline says, I have never dealt with a bank that sucks worse then Bank of America. It all started with needing to open a new bank account because the bank I am with is only on the East Coast so I looked online and figured out that Bank of America had the most locations in the city that I am moving to.

I opened an account online and that process was easy enough, the fun started once everything arrived. I got my Debit Card and Credit Card from from them and tried to enroll on online banking and was locked out three different times. Each time you call they transfer you to online help but the number they try to connect you to disconnects you. Seriously, I was on the phone trying to get someone for three hours.

Once they finally did get me online, to my surprise, their online banking is bar none the worst of any bank I have ever been with. It is not easy to figure out how to do anything on it, like download your transactions and trying to set up bill pay online is horrible. Every other bank is a breeze when it comes to their online banking.

Next thing that happened is that I tried to pay my credit card online so I scheduled the transaction about three weeks in advance of the due date and when I check my account on the due date, some technical difficulty had erased all of my bill pay and account information. I call BOA and paid my bill by phone to make sure it was going to get in on time.

The next day I logged on to my Bank of America credit card account online and find out they charged me a late fee. I called them up and they said because I called after 6 PM then it was actually the next day and late even though I was calling because their online banking messed up.

Needless to say I immediately closed my account and credit card with them and went with WaMu (Washington Mutual). So far its been pretty easy with them and their online banking seems to be much better.

Moral of this story is nothing flashy or's BANK OF AMERICA SUCKS !

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